2nd Birthday Party

Back in July 2011, for my little boy’s 2nd birthday, we organised a joint party with his best friend.

I had purchased an iPad and a capacitive stylus in April thinking I might do pixel-art ‘on the go,’ however, found most Apps had limited layer support and many couldn’t even draw a solid pixel without surrounding it with anti-alias. After trying a few I had decided on AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro as my artistic App of choice, however, had yet to do anything beyond a few colour tests.
We wanted to put some cards on the table that invited the parents of the other kids to send us any nice photos they took on the day and, very much at the last minute, I decided I’d like something personalised so I ran upstairs, jumped on the bed and drew this cute little pic.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

It took about 5 minutes and I’m sure it shows, however, this really fuelled my interest in getting back to drawing by hand.

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