PixelDam: Demon Star Developer Cottage


February 2004 and Stevie and I were just about to move back to the UK after running out of cash living in France.

I’d come across the PixelDam website a while earlier and decided to spend my last week or so in France attempting some isometric loveliness.

Demon Star, the “game development studio,” was really just me and a PC in a French bedroom. I really liked the idea, however, that I had a team and that we had a proper office so this became the concept; the Demon Star Developer Cottage.

I got to work on this for a thoroughly enjoyable 2 weeks, however, due to moving back to the UK and looking for work it was May before I was able to finish this off and submit the final version.

Outside we see our old blue 1998 Ford Fiesta Finesse, what is supposed to be a banana-yellow Delorean and a good old British Telephone Box.

Pixel Dam - Outside View

Outside View

Inside we have Stevie on reception, a sort of David Brent-type as Manager in the corner office, me waving and a random ‘work colleague’ who I named Brett.

Pixel Dam - Look Inside

Look Inside (Animated)

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