UDG (Crap) Games

These two astonishing gaming titles were written in ZX Spectrum BASIC via an emulator and inspired by the Cascade ‘Cassette 50’ collection. As I recall they were intended for, but not submitted to, the 1998/1999 comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competion while I was at university in Hull.

Ironically serving as the only two games ever written by UDG Games the ‘Information’ screen displays a message indicating that several Amiga remakes, including; Skool Daze, Back to Skool, Xeno, Renegade, Spy Hunter & Cyclone would be ready for the year 2000. (Unfortunately I can confirm that none of these ever happened. :()

UDG Fighterz is a Street Fighter-esque fighting game featuring 4 (barely) playable characters.

UDG Fighterz

UDG Fighterz

UDG Strip Snap is easily the most playable of the two and, as declared in the game, features high quality porno-graphics! Phwoar!

UDG Strip Snap

UDG Strip Snap

Grab a Speccy Emulator and download them now:
Download UDGFIGHT.SNA (48K)
Download UDGSTRIP.SNA (48K)
Download UDGSTRIP.txt (the complete BASIC program listing) (28K)


  1. Hi Myke

    I stumbled over your two Sinclair ‘crap’ games via google. I think they’re fantastic, full of fun and humour, while a sprinkling of crapness that Sinclair BASIC has proven very good at delivering.

    I wonder if you would consider submitting them to the 2013 CGC? Or writing something new if they have already been submitted in another year? Details on the ‘website’ http://www.csscgc2013.blogspot.com

    Anyway, great work.



    • Dave,

      Thanks very much.

      It must be 5 years since I wrote a peice of code that wasn’t ‘for work’ (VB Script, Powershell etc) but, as I started out with Spectrum BASIC, I can’t think of a better excuse than the CGC to get back on that horse. 😀

      I’ll fire up an EMU and be in touch later in the year.


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