Playwriter 2 / Bricklayer (VB .NET)

Back in 2005 I was working the Out of Hours shift at Norsk Data in Newbury. In between the nightly monitoring, admin and DVD-watching I had started playing with VB .NET 1.x and wrote a couple of nearly-useful tools.

Playwriter 2

I’m not sure what happened to Playwriter 1 – it could have been a lost Blitz Plus project – but this was designed to be a basic Text Editor that was functionally somewhere between Notepad and Wordpad, specifically aimed at writing a screenplay (which never happened.)

Based on my memories of Cygnus Editor (CED) on the Amiga you could change the text/background colours, do some really basic text formatting, change alignment, turn on word wrap, convert tabs to spaces and count how many words you’d typed (although the latter doesn’t actually work.)

This could have been quite a usable tool if I’d bothered to include the Save File functionality. As it is it’s pretty useless. 😀

Playwriter 2


At one point I may have intended to do another isometric project following on from PixelDam, however, this was primarily an exercise in adapting code I’d written in Blitz Basic to the new language.

You start off by creating a Brick Wall by defining brick size and colour, the number of bricks horizontally and vertically and mortar colour. The colour of the bricks is randomly varied.

Next up you add some Simple Noise to give texture and/or Perlin Noise to give shading or surface variance – the default green, for instance, was supposed to simulate moss.

You can then apply some Isometric-specific Linear Transformations, i.e.: ISO Wall Left/Right, ISO Floor Left/Right, ISO 45° Roof Left/Right and “2x, 1y” (which I don’t recall the purpose of.)

If you don’t like my bricks then you can import an image from either the Clipboard or a File and apply the Noise/Transformations to that.

Finally you can export the image to a .BMP and/or the Clipboard.


The installation media/licence for VB .NET is currently lost somewhere in my attic and so I’ve been unable to look at the source code for these recently.

If I ever track the CD down I’ll post the source, however, in the meantime these .zip files just contain the compiled executablesand, as a result, they’re provided very much as-is and for use at your own risk!
Download (23K)
Download (38K)

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