Happy Xmas 2011!

I’m rubbish at writing cards and wrapping gifts and have always been a bit functional with a preference for rectangled boxes and writing names on stock address labels. On very special occasions I may have stretched to writing names in a glittery pen! 😯

A few years ago, however, my brother-in-law Maff did these amazing caricatures of the family and used them as labels on our Xmas presents. I’ve been trying to come up with something even half as good for birthdays and christmasses ever since!

In 2011, with days to go until Xmas, I drew these labels on the iPad based on some generic icon images I found on Google. They were never going to top those caricatures, however, they were fun to do in a hurry and you’re welcome to use them as you see fit.

Xmas Labels

Xmas Labels, 2011

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