Amiga HDD Recovery – Part Two

Back in Part One you’ll remember that I’d brought my rusty Amiga 1200 home from my parents with the idea that I might be able to recover some lost/early projects from the 170MB Hard Drive inside.

At first I attached the Hard Disk to Windows using a USB/IDE adapter, however, while it did appear in Device Manager I couldn’t get WinUAE to add it.

For a second attempt I was now trying Amiga Explorer, a USB/DB9(M) Serial adapter and a DB9(F)/DB25(F) Serial cable as shown:


On my XP machine () I’d installed the drivers for the USB/Serial adapter, Amiga Explorer and WinUAE.

On the Amiga () I’d already reduced the ScreenMode Colour Depth and setup the Serial preferences as directed by Amiga Explorer.

… Next up is setting up the Serial Connection and ‘installing’ AExplorer on the Amiga…

Note: I’ve continued to use the XP/Amiga icons below to make it clearer on which OS the action was taken.

Check the COM Port Number assigned to the USB/Serial adapter:

COM Port

Check the Amiga Explorer connection properties are set to use the same port:

Amiga Explorer

Right-click Amiga Explorer, select Setup and click OK:


Click Yes to confirm Amiga OS 2.0 or higher (grey Workbench):

Amiga OS 2.0

Click OK to comfirm the Amiga Serial Preferences are set as shown (which we did in advance):


Next we’re prompted to run a command on the Amiga:

Amiga Shell Part 1

Right-click Workbench bar, select Execute Command…, type cli and click OK

This opens an Amiga Shell window. Type the following and hit return:

Type SER: to RAM:Setup

Click OK on the Amiga Explorer dialog

The command completes:

Amiga Shell Part 1

A second prompt to run a command on the Amiga:

Amiga Shell Part 2

Type the following into the Shell window and hit return:

RX RAM:Setup

Click OK and the the AExplore files are copied to the Amiga:

AExplore Copy

Once the copy is finished, on the Amiga, the command completes:

Amiga Shell Part 2

We are also rewarded by a message saying we’ve been successful and that we’ve one last task to run on the Amiga. (Click OK to close the message):


Open the Ram Disk and the Workbench Disk and drag the AExplore file to the latter as suggested:

Copy AExplore

Double-click AExplore and the program starts up with a confirmation of the settings in use:

Run AExplore

Now when we launch Amiga Explorer we can see the Hard Drive partitions:

Hard Drive Partitions

Time for another break, I feel, if only to make this a trilogy. 😉 See you next time…

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