Amiga HDD Recovery – Part Three

In Part One of this series we talked about my failed attempts to recover data from an Amiga Hard Drive using a USB/IDE adapter.

Then in Part Two we setup Amiga Explorer on a Windows XP machine connected to the Amiga over a Serial cable:


By the end we could launch Amiga Explorer and see my 4 Hard Drive partitions. We were tantalisingly close!

The next step was to copy our ‘Kickstart’ ROM from the real Amiga to a file that we could use in WinUAE:

Right-click Kick.rom and select Copy:


Paste the resulting file into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Amiga Files\WinUAE\:


Right-click each HDF (.hdf) file and select Copy:

HDF File

Paste the resulting files into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Amiga Files\WinUAE\:


Note: At 15MB MyndHD was the smallest file and, although the screenshot suggests 50 minutes, in reality it was a few hours. In total the 4 files took the best part of 2 overnight sessions to copy over.

Suggestions on the forums are that you can increase the baud rate from 19200 to get better throughput, however, I couldn’t get any other settings to work.

Right-click each HDF (.hdf) file and select Properties:

HDF File

Make a note of the UAE Mount Information and Device (DH#) for each HDF file as you’ll need it later:

HDF File

The final step was to import everything into WinUAE and configure an approximation of my Amiga 1200 Hardware:

Launch WinUAE and click the Paths section:


Click Rescan ROMs – note that ‘A1200’ is available:

Rescan ROMs

Click the Quickstart section and configure as shown:


Click the CPU and FPU section and configure as shown:


Click the Hard Drives section and click Add Hardfile:

Hard Drives

Browse to the WinUAE folder, add Workbench.hdf, configure Surfaces, Reserved, Sectors and Block Size as originally shown in Amiga Explorer and click OK:

Hardfile Settings

Repeat for Games.hdf, Personal.hdf and MyndHD.hdf (respecting the original order of Device numbers from Amiga Explorer, i.e.: DH0, DH1, DH2 and DH3.)

Hardfiles Added

Click the Save Configuration section, enter a Name (I went with; “Amiga1200”) and click Save:

Save Config

Finally, the bit we’ve all been waiting for, click Start in the bottom right:


The emulated Amiga powers on, boots into ‘Renegade’ Workbench 3.0 and reveals to the world the computing platform of choice in my late teens!

Note: I’ve also changed the ScreenMode Colours back to 256 in time for this screenshot.

For anyone interested my Amiga partitions were:

Name Device/Size Function
Workbench DH0/30MB The OS plus all those little programs like Powerpacker, DPaint etc
Ram Disk N/A Not a Hard Drive at all but an area of Memory and a great excuse for a poor icon-based joke!
Games DH1/85MB HDD-installed versions of games such as Flashback, Monkey Island and Jetstrike plus a Speccy Emulator!
Personal DH2/30MB Game designs and other pixelly work plus some poorly scanned low-resolution photos
MyndHD DH3/15MB Among other things my ‘offline’ diaries from 1991-1999 – I’m not sure if I dare revisit the ramblings of my teenage self!


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