Dizzy meets Flashback, Apparently!

A while ago I came across a collection of drawings I’d done in the early to mid 90s. For 20 year-old scraps of A4 paper they were reasonably well preserved, however, I figured I was already pushing my luck so spent the afternoon scanning them in.

Among them was a set of drawings and ideas for a character simply called; “Blue.”


Definitely inspired by Codemaster’s Dizzy I recall a picture (sadly lost) of Blue standing over a cracked and yolk-leaking Dizzy with the tagline; “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some egg!”

The following images show how I wanted a really expressive and realistically animated character whilst only working with a blob, eyes and floating hands/feet.


Introduction (Ink and Felt Tip)

These two demonstrate an ink and pencil-crayon style of drawing that I’m still very fond of today!


Poses (Ink and Pencil)


Rules (Ink and Pencil)

Blue even had an evil twin brother!


After raiding my Amiga recently I also rediscovered some digital renditions of the character:

Here are some unfinished sprite sheets:


Here he is featuring in a CDT project as a board game character. This showed off some relatively large-scale DPaint work and was printed, at the time, on my Star LC-100 colour dot matrix printer!



As I recall my discovery of Blob, Cool Spot and a few other games with similar character stylings put me off further developing of the character.

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