By popular demand I've now implemented a basic RSS feed of this news page. You lucky people.

The first submission not done in BASIC and our first Cassette Inlay; "Dongee Con" has arrived, but is it any good? Let's hope not!

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R Tape is back for a second entry entitled; "Another drink, Reverend?" Head on over to Submissions to find out what on earth he was thinking.

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The second review is up; "The Forest of Doom." Head on over to Submissions to check it out.

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The first submissions hit my inbox last Friday and, after a bit of a delay due to a visit from the in-laws, the first review is up; "Advanced Cricket Simulator." Head on over to Submissions to check it out. More to come soon.

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Posted a new feature in Misc; "CSSCGC 2013 - The Loser's Story."

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The comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2014 is now open!

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