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Hey there! I'm Jon Bon Jovi and we're 50% through this year's comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition and waaay overdue another Feature so, on that flimsy premise, here's a hastily produced Mid-Year Review!


Completely Unnecessary Graph

JBJ's Half-Time Stats

We started off the year pretty strongly - especially considering everyone should have been worn out after last year's 102 Damnations!?

January, February and March saw a steady stream of entries but then, at the beginning of April, things stalled a bit with nearly a month until the next entry appeared.

May picked up again and in June, despite the sun and the World Cup/Wimbledon, we had 4 entries*!

I've talked to the band and, at this stage, we're predicting sixty nine entries by the end of the year [sounds of giggling in the background] - wh-what? Oh grow up guys!

* 2 are still to be reviewed.

The Talent

PIXBIT and the maze of deadly monsters

A big "Thanks" to our competitor's so far; Paul 'Eq.' Collins, catmeows, Andrew Green, MatGubbins, leespoons, Steve McCrea, R Tape, Rebelstar Without A Cause, Dr.Sputnik, Yoshiatom and Chris Young.

Our most prolific author, so far, is last year's host; R Tape with 6 entries (or 18.75% if you prefer.)

It was great to see aging hipsters Chris Young, The Artist Formerly Known As Lee Prince and Eq. flexing their BASIC muscles once more, but I wonder if we can coax any other old-timers out of retirement? Perhaps Messrs Goring, Collier, Jolly or Kavanagh could be persuaded for 75p and a packet of Rolos?

Shadow of the Beef


Every year we have a batch of entrants who just don't seem to get the whole "Crap Games" concept and, whether by accident or misplaced talent, enter something a bit good!?

Notable entries so far have been; PIXBIT and the maze of deadly monsters by R Tape (above,) Shadow of the Beef by Eq. and Hobohemia by Steve McCrea.

Flappy Bird: The Text Adventure


Naturally there are plenty of people who do understand the brief and, whether by accident or sadistic talent, produce something truly CARP.

Detestable entries so far have been; Dongee Con by Yoshiatom, Flappy Bird: The Text Adventure by leespoons and, more recently, Arty Pants by R Tape - which Myke is still having nightmares about!

Gerbil Space Program

The Challenges

We've thrown down two challenges so far; firstly the Flash Challenge which hasn't disappointed showcasing excellent attribute-based trickery.

Inversely we've only had one contender for the Demakes Challenge - Haiku by catmeows - and even that's a bit of a tenuous stretch on Myke's part, if I'm honest.

We're secretly hoping that work is underway on Half Life ZX and Lotus Notes for Sinclair QL, however, it may transpire that this was just the least popular idea in the history of the CSSCGC!?

Half-Time Extra: CSSCGC Trivia

Did you know that Superman 64 was originally intended as an entry for CSSCGC#4, back in 1999?

It turns out that Gonad The Barbarian accidentally emailed it to the wrong address and it was inadvertently published by Nintendo. (Are you sure about this, JBJ? Ed)

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