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AT 11,23; "RUN FERRET"


Reviewer: Bobo
Developer: MatGubbins
Genre: Endless Runner
Platform: Spectrum 48K
Language: BASIC


Filetype Download Link Description
TAP Ferret.tap Spectrum 48K Tape Image
Chunky Titles

Back in October 2011 joefish announced the release of Buzzsaw+ and hinted that a Cassette release with bonus features was to follow. The game was deservedly well received for both its gameplay and colourful 'rainbow' arcade graphics, however, months (and then years) passed with no sign of that elusive boxed copy.

Ever since our very own R Tape has been enquiring about the availability of said cassette and, three years on, it looks like the wait has finally tipped him over the edge!

Run Ferret!

Run Ferret is MatGubbins' hastily produced tribute to a moment of rodent-bothering madness.

There's a lovely chunky attribute title and a nice scrolling message to get us started but, don't worry, it's basically downhill from there on in!

What follows could probably be described, in the modern gaming vernacular, as an Endless Runner.

You control the titular ferret; Stinky on the run from the weird, and frankly terrifying, punishments that Dave is waiting to inflict upon him/her.

Lucky Escape

As you run your path is blocked by a constant stream of... um... deadly asterisks which you must jump over by carefully timing a prod to the spacebar.

Unfortunately, if you mis-time your jump or otherwise manage to touch one, you'll be instantly captured.

If you're lucky then Stinky will manage to escape, however, if you're captured too many times then Dave will inevitably get a bit too carried away and, well, that simply doesn't bear thinking about!

Game Over

Many endless runner games rely on a movie license or flashy graphics / crazy power-ups to keep you playing, however, once the novelty has worn off they can only hold your attention for so long.

Run Ferret attempts to do so with no such novelties to begin with.

MatG assures me that no ferrets were harmed in the making if this game, however, if joefish is reading this; for the love of God please get that Buzzsaw+ cassette released before any real rodents have to suffer!


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