Reviewed by Rocka

Developer: Yoshiatom
Genre: Treasure Hunt
Platform: Spectrum 48K
Language: BASIC

Quest for ye flask.tzx (Spectrum 48K Tape Image)QFYF Inlay.png (Cassette Inlay)QFYF Insructions.txt (Instructions)Quest for ye (Archive containing the .TZX, .TAP and .WAV versions of the game plus the Cassette inlay)

As this was loading I thought the screen$ was the least ambitious I'd ever seen - just displaying the words; "(C) 2014 Yoshiatom" - but then the attributes kicked in and I realised what a work of genius it was. I'd had the idea for the Attribute Flash FX challenge at the start of the year, however, this convinced me that there was gold in them thar hills!

As per Yoshi's helpfully provided ins(t)ructions; "Your goal in this amazing adventure is locate the great flask... Type in the coordinates you want to search and prepare to scour the land in hope of finding the flask."

So this is what you do. In gameplay reminiscent of leespoons' Remove The Logo you type your X coordinate and press enter, then type your Y coordinate and press enter, and then you wait in anticipation to see whether you have indeed located ye titular flask.

It's so simple it could easily have better than most trendy iOS games, however, after a few minutes of typing PRINT AT coordinates it struck me that Yoshi had neglected to tell us the range of coordinates we should be looking in so I hit BREAK and had a look at the listing...

10 LET X=1+INT (RND*99999999): LET Y=1+INT (RND*99999999)

HOLY GAMOLA! The game world is absolutely massive with grid references from 1 and 100,000,000 in both X and Y directions. Assuming each grid is 1m then that's a total of 38.6mi making it just a fraction smaller that the island of Montserrat and about twice as big as GTA: San Andreas!

Needless to say you'll be seeing a lot of this screen!

This game would have been challenging enough if Yoshiatom had used PRINT AT coordinates (and maybe even a couple of rubbish UDGs?) or even PLOT coordinates, however, at this scale I think it's safe to say this game is impossible*.

Perhaps Yoshiatom will tweak the gameplay mechanic in the highly anticipated sequels; QFYFII: Needle in a Haystack and QFYFIII: Where are my (Flipping - Ed) Keys?

* Well, not impossible - infinite monkeys and time and all that.

Reveal ye Flask!

Add the following line to reveal the correct coordinates.

	105 PRINT "(";X;",";Y;")"

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Yoshiatom's Cassette Inlay mentions a 16K ZX81 version, however, in his submission email he admitted he "still needed to get around to making it" and then suggested I could do so for him! (Cheeky boy - Ed.)

It's this kind of lazy development that the CSSCGC was built on so I was happy to oblige, however, note that I'll be starting to charge a fee for future ZX81 conversions in a little side business of mine I like to call; "ZXText2P2$$$!"

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